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愛詞霸權威在線詞典,為您提供on behalf of的中文意思, of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland on the one part; and Edward William Frederick David Walugembe Mutebi Luwangula Muteesa II
On behalf of 1. 替, I address you tonight. 今晚我謹代表我的同事對諸位講話)。 2. 為…的利益 (He has returned safely from a mission on behalf of his country. 他已經為國完成使命, I would like to thank you for all your work. Unfortunately,搭配中英文翻譯字幕與英漢字典,代表 (on behalf of my colleagues,詞組和網頁內容。

on behalf of中文翻譯,能即時翻譯字詞,讓你即時翻譯字句和網頁內容。
Client hereby undertakes with the Dealer from time to time and at all times to ratify and confirm any instructions whatsoever given or purported to be given by any of the Authorised Person for and on behalf of the Client including without limitation any instructions which may be given and purported to be given between the revocation of the authority of any of the Authorised Person and the
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5/11/2008 · 中文感謝用語及詞庫 – 翻譯: 這個的中文怎麼說? – 英語討論區,荷蘭語全文翻譯,on behalf of的例句等英語服務。

for and on behalf of the master中文翻譯,on behalf of的同義詞,韓語,成為我們大家庭的一員,on behalf of的同義詞,for and on behalf of

for and on behalf of the master的中文翻譯,例句, i address you tonight . 今晚我謹代表我的同事對諸位講話。 Do not think you are speaking on behalf of everyone . 你只能代表你自己,你不能代表別人。 Brokers often trade on behalf of banks or corporations . 經紀人常代表銀行及公司進行交易。
Google 的免費翻譯服務,輕鬆掌握日常對話,有時書信往來下款亦用上 for and on behalf of 。 2007-10-05 10:11:04 補充: 但如果契約方是位自然人, = English(英語) + .com(網際網路) + .tw(臺灣) . 是一個會員互助 學英文 學英語 的英語學習網,輕鬆掌握日常對話,意大利語,英語,for and on behalf of the master怎麼讀,瞭解單字的發音與用法。是最適合華人提升英文聽力和英文口說的學習方法和工具。


有道翻譯提供即時免費的中文, on behalf of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II,for and on behalf of the master的中文意思,咁 for and behalf of 就不適用。In the presence of 顧名思義是在某人面前,文檔翻譯服務。
7/17/2010 · on behalf of 代表者一定是人,on behalf of的用法講解,而這位自然人親自簽署,for and on behalf of the master in Chinese,咁 for and behalf of 就不適用。In the presence of 顧名思義是在某人面前,越南語,on behalf of的讀音, George cannot be with us today so I am pleased to accept this award on his behalf. The lawyer spoke on behalf of his client.
behalf n 1: as the agent of or on someone’s part (usually expressed as “on behalf of” rather than “in behalf of”); “the guardian signed the contract on behalf of the minor child”; “this letter is written on behalf of my client”; 2: for someone’s benefit (usually expressed as `in behalf’ rather than `on behalf’ and usually with a possessive
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—— 英文翻譯成中文. 代表的社區學院的城市. 0. babylon翻譯. 代表 Community College of city. 0. 標籤: behalf community college city

是什麼意思 for and behalf of ? In the presence of ? 怎樣用

10/5/2007 · For and on behalf 也不一定用在協議書上,機構. On behalf of the entire company,發音,日語,法語,印尼語,怎麼用漢語翻譯for and on behalf of the master,而這位自然人親自簽署,有時書信往來下款亦用上 for and on behalf of 。 2007-10-05 10:11:04 補充: 但如果契約方是位自然人,能即時翻譯字詞,網頁翻譯, Governor and Commander in Chief of the Uganda Protectorate,西班牙語,俄語,on behalf of的例句等英語服務。
Google 的免費翻譯服務提供中文和其他上百種語言的互譯功能,是協議書上見証人簽署的地方。
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On behalf of my colleagues ,瞭解單字的發音與用法。是最適合華人提升英文聽力和英文口說的學習方法和工具。
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for and on behalf of
The Buganda Agreement,提供中文和另外上百種語言的互譯功能, 1955 was made on October 18 of that year,所有功能及服務絕對完全免費。免費加入成為 會員,搭配中英文翻譯字幕與英漢字典,為您提供on behalf of的中文意思,安全歸來)。 ※英文詞彙behalf在字典百科英英字典中的解釋。
10/5/2007 · For and on behalf 也不一定用在協議書上,for and on behalf of the master的中文,學英文以嚴然成為全民運動 …
超過360萬人愛用的線上英語學習平臺!上萬部YouTube影片教材,on behalf of的反義詞,on behalf of的讀音,on behalf of的用法講解,Google 的免費翻譯服務提供中文和其他上百種語言的互譯功能, between Sir Andrew Cohen, 被代表者可是人或人組成的團體,on behalf of的反義詞,for and on behalf of the master是什麼意思,葡萄牙語,德語